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Our Mission

To be a Dominant Global Player in the Indian Granite Industry in terms of revenue and brand equity by developing and delivering a high range of reliable products and solution provider with millions of satisfied customers.

Our Vision

To supply high quality granites products, providing needed services and solution to the worldwide based clients, with a motivating environment and added value to the clients throughout the Globe.

Company Profile


Archana Mines Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 24 September 2014.

Archana Mines started its journey in the Granite industry field in Sept. 2014 as an emerging Company. It was established under the dynamic entrepreneurship of young and innovative businessman, Mr. Ganta Narahari. The requirements of granite's, all over the world led him to take up mining activities and headed towards the aim for scrutinizing exceptional granite blocks.
The company is operating mainly in both the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Worldclass quality of granite blocks are produced in our company. All the production processes areexecuted under the supervision of skilled, professional team of Mining Engineers. Ouremployees are fully trained, dynamic and highly qualified, with rich practicality andobservation of over 20 years.

Initially, the company was started as a partnership firm in Nov.2011 with Mr. Kamisetty Subramanyam in the name of Archana Granites and Minerals. It was upgraded in Sept 2014,into a private limited company as Archana Mines Pvt.Ltd. with registered office inHyderabad.

The trenching of mines at Srikakulam and Vizag areas in Andhra Pradesh was initiated by thecompany. The categories included the Black, Tan Brown, Maple red, coffee brown, and surfgreen.

Afterwards, the company accomplished 3 more quarries in Telangana near Ghanpur,Kesamudram, and Mehaboobabad area. The exploration and search for the fine quality graniteblocks are in great demand.

Archana Mines is a provider of the raw granite blocks and hence, offers a highly exclusiveinfrastructure for the production of granite blocks, Gang Saw Slabs, rough blocks reciprocatingto the various specifications and client requirements. We are also in a progressive stage ofmaking arrangements to take up granite cutting and polishing factories. This is proportional toour aim to provide polished slabs in a variety of size to fulfill the needs of our customers.These slabs have beautiful patterns and textures. The company is shortly launching some newquarries for establish the multiple range of granite blocks such as black, tan brown, surf green,maple red, SK-blue, river white, diamond pearl, steel grey, black pearl etc.

In this journey of four years, the company has survived in one of the most competitive fieldand made their market reputation in just a short period of time. The hard work never pausedand now Archana Mines is one the largest producers of Granite blocks and slabs.